Who ordered the chocolate Big Mac with a side of carrot?  Big Mac was a ten-year-old stray pup who acquired his name and eventually his ticket to the good life when he was found wandering alone around a McDonalds. From there he made his way to Safe Harbor, where, after a stay in a loving foster home, he met his new forever parents, Kathleen and Michael.  And the rest, as they say, is his-story. While there aren’t often burgers on the doggy menu in his new home, Mac is very pleased with the local fare and simply adores the in-house chefs who provide regular meals, always topped with lots of love.  Kathleen and Michael sent us an update on life with Mac: Big Mac has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He has settled in nicely, adjusted to our home, and now enjoys going for walks and hanging out on the couch rather than hanging out at McDonalds.  Mac, as we call him, is a very sweet boy who is very well socialized with both dogs and people.  He loves going for several walks a day, but his favorite activity is eating breakfast and dinner.  True to lab form, Mac is very motivated by food and gets “crazy googly eyes” when we scoop his food into his bowl.  Always a gentleman, Mac sits patiently until we tell him he can eat, usually, that is just after we give him a kiss on his head and tell him he’s a good boy. When he’s not eating or walking, Mac absolutely loves carrying around his favorite toy, the carrot. He takes it everywhere he goes.  Mac also loves being outside where he enjoys the sunshine, goes for lots of walks, and helps in the garden. He has been a great listener and picks up new manners quickly.  Mac’s sweet demeanor is a joy to have in our home.  Thank you Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing Big Mac into our lives.  We needed him just as much as he needed us. Many thanks to Kris and Brent for fostering Big Mac!