Birdie is a special angel and Holly wants her to have the best life possible.  Birdie is a seven-year-old beauty, and she is so happy to be home.

It was a struggle for her to get here.  She found herself roaming the country side, living off scraps of food, and hoping for a soft place to lay her head.  As we know, sometimes when it seems the darkest, a beam of light can come along and show you the way.  Someone noticed her, and with the help of a lot of good people, Birdie found herself in the arms of Holly and David.  Holly is committed to nurturing Birdie back to health and giving her the most precious of gifts–love.Birdie

Holly sent us this update: Here is a brief vignette on our beautiful Birdie (we changed her name because she is such a love bird) SHE FOLDED INTO OUR FAMILY SEAMLESSLY and is a complete and utter love. We are pretty certain she lived with a family for a long time because she is so trusting and gentle. Our vet helped me to heal her feet which seemed to take a lot of abuse. I soak them in warm water and Epson salts daily and then massage them with vitamin E oil–they are almost completely healed! She sleeps on the floor of our bedroom and puts her snoot in my face every morning when she is ready to rise. I wanted an older dog who would walk with me daily and nap with me in the afternoon after work! She adores being outside and her energy level is quickly growing! She loves other dogs, and lets me smooch her endlessly!

Thank you for sending this angel to us!