“Blake wasn’t meant to be, with two rescues already, Desi 13 (Safe Harbor) and Roy 8 (OutPaws), I had my hands full.”

“Then came the request, urgently need fosters – and there was Blake. Skinny, nervous, heartworm positive, small cancer on his eye and unaltered. But what a beautiful dog, housetrained, no aggression, walked so well and just settled in within days.
A long-term foster due to the heartworm they told me. Between visits to the vets and other distractions Blake Long Face, as he is called, loved riding in the car going to Cherry Creek, to dog parks and walks around the neighborhood and along the highline canal. He followed me like a shadow, with his habit of licking and nipping my hand to keep my attention. He literally leaps into the air at mealtimes and when I come home. With all his ailments fixed, it was time to find a permanent home. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. While it would be nice to get back to juggling two dogs instead of three, I felt bad about sending him away — dogs know and dogs understand — I didn’t want him to think he was being dumped again.

“Long story short, Blake stayed. He counter surfs, knows a few basic commands, demands to be petted and has an insatiable hunger — but what a good, good dog, comes when called, walks perfectly on and off leash, rides in the car without an issue and is learning to play – although hesitant, with Roy. Welcome home Long Face.”

Our thanks to Greg, Desi, and Roy for finding extra room on the couch and in your hearts for one more!