At eight years old, Bo suddenly found himself all alone without a familiar face to turn to. With the help of some kind folks along the way, Bo was able to make his way to Safe Harbor and was soon in a loving foster home where he could relax and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he was among friends again. Bo’s happy ending was complete when he met his new parents, Paige and Mitch, who decided that he would be a wonderful addition to their family. This gorgeous gent is now living in the lap of Lab luxury with a life full of fun and frolic and a home filled with toys, treats, and an endless supply of love.

Paige and Mitch tell us:

We truly couldn’t be happier having him as part of our family! Bo (we call him Bogarth when he is being silly) seamlessly adjusted into our home. My husband and I joke that there wasn’t even an adjustment period–he was just home! Since we adopted him Bo has been enjoying a cushy retirement. When we first got him, he wasn’t sure what to do with his fluffy dog bed, bones and toys we bought him, but over the past couple months he has learned to love them all. He now knows how to play with his stuffed alligator and his favorite spot is to take a nap in his bed by the fireplace! He is so sweet and likes to rest his head on our laps when we are on the couch.

His favorite pastimes include chasing bunnies and squirrels in the yard, taking walks, trying new foods and treats and playing fetch. For an 8-year-old Lab he sure does have plenty of energy! He enjoys having playdates and can keep up with other puppies he has met. He has even learned how to roll over (old dogs can learn new tricks!). The toughest part of our time with Bo was his neuter. Poor guy hadn’t been neutered as a puppy, but he did great during the procedure and during recovery. We are happy to have the cone days behind us!

Thank you, Safe Harbor, for helping us give Bo his forever home!