boCarpe diem, is Bo’s motto, and he has a happy “tail” to tell.  This little gem of a Lab is living the dream these days, spending quality time with his new Mom, Ronni and canine Brother, Dante.  He was adopted by Ronni at just 10 months old, and has filled out that puppy frame in no time flat.  Judging from the photos that Ronni sent us, he must be exhausted at the end of every day. The best part of this story is, that at night, when his head hits the pillow, he has the security of waking up each morning in his forever home!  bo-and-ronni

Ronni recently sent us this update on Bo, Living Life Lab Style”:  Bo came into my life as my 4th foster.  I have a soft spot in my heart for labs after having lost my Gumbo-girl in January 2014 at age 15 ½.  After adopting a mastiff-pit mix, Dante, from Best Friends in May 2015, I decided I wanted to be a Lab Foster and found Safe Harbor.  Dante is a great foster brother and enjoys the company.  When I picked up Bo and brought him home, it was an instant puppy “bro-mance” between Dante and Bo.   I couldn’t bear to separate the boys and became a “Foster Failure”.    bo-and-dante

I’ll let you hear from Bo:  I love my forever home!  I have a brother, Dante, who likes to chase squirrels and lizards with me!  We like stealing toys from each other and wrestling.  He’s a great older brother!  Mom takes us hiking to places like Crested Butte and Aspen and calls us her crazy boys!  Thankfully she has a lot of patience cuz I’m still a puppy and sometimes get into things I shouldn’t. We went on an RV adventure and got to see Storrie Lake, NM, Phoenix, and Lake Powell.   Dante and I almost caught that jackrabbit!   Mom takes us paddle boarding, hiking, and swimming.  I actually got Dante to swim!  Thanks Safe Harbor, for bringing me to Colorado so I could find my forever home!