Four-year-old Bo landed in Lab paradise when he found his home with Emily, and he has been having the time of his life trying to keep up with his new mom. There are a lot of fun and games ahead for this active duo, but Bo knows that there will always be a space on the sofa waiting for him when it’s time for a little cat nap between adventures.
Emily sent us an update on her new boy:
About five minutes after we met, I knew I wanted to give Bo his forever home. He settled in immediately at his new place, claiming the couch as his domain and exchanging lots of curious but respectful sniffs with his new feline brother, Nelson. I was so happy a few days later when I took Bo on his first hike and he absolutely loved it. He went 6 miles in fresh snow and hardly seemed to tire.  Bo and I are looking forward to many adventures together and are learning quite a few fun new things like right from left, fetch, and the latest: git beer! Thanks to Safe Harbor for pairing me with such a perfect pup.