Brady/Buddie is now Bode and this eager-to-please 8-month-old pup is working hard to learn the rules of the road and fill the big paw prints left behind by Brett and Carolyn’s two previous beloved Labradors. Bode, (named after skier Bode Miller by his new ski racing family), is going full speed ahead with his training and fitting in beautifully with this active, fun-loving and Lab-loving group, which to Bode’s great delight, includes two two-legged kids for Bode to run, play, ski, nap, and grow up with.bodie-and-family

Bode’s new parents write: We’ve always been a Labrador family. Our “first child” Casey helped me propose to my wife and was the flower girl in our wedding, and Cooper and Nala, helped raise our kids. We lost Cooper a little over a year ago, and began considering adoption at that time, though we put our plans on hold as Nala was doing remarkably well as an only-dog. Not wanting to rock her world, we waited. When she passed this July from an inoperable tumor, we were devastated. It must have been some sort of sign that Penny, Bode’s foster mom, called us the same afternoon we buried her. Feeling emotional and a little confused, we all jumped in the car to drive to Denver that afternoon to meet him. We knew right away that Bode would be a perfect fit for our family, and that he needed us as much as we needed him. We were nervous at first, unsure of what Bode had been through in his young life. We’d always raised our dogs from puppies we got from reputable breeders, and were worried about what “baggage” he might have. We saw Bode’s enormous potential and knew that we’d be able to work out any lingering health and behavioral issues, in time. For a month or so, Bode wanted to eat our cat, Roxy. He’d drool and chase her into hiding. Slowly, they began to figure each other out and are now the best of friends. They can often be seen playing with each other or snuggling together on the couch.

bodieBode has settled in very well, is happy taking long hikes, swimming in the pond, going to work, playing with our kids and getting lots of attention from the boarding school community where we live. He enjoys being spoiled, getting lots of love, extra treats, and sleeping with our son in his comfy queen-sized bed. He really hit the jackpot! Bode successfully graduated from training classes and we are working each day on off-leash recall. Once he’s mastered that, he will be able to fully participate in our very active family lifestyle and his world will be wide open! This smart and handsome boy has made much progress and such an impact on our family since we brought him home at the end of July. We still miss our pups, but our hearts are full again. We are confident that we made the right choice in adopting Bode, and are so appreciative of the support and encouragement we were given by Penny and Safe Harbor. Our experience has been very positive and we are strong advocates of Lab rescues and Safe Harbor in particular.