There’s no two ways about it, Bodie and Lars hit the jackpot when they joined Pam and Jorge.  The “boys” wasted no time fitting in to their forever home.  The boys will be boys, wrestling, playing, and hunting, but giving into their softer side when mom and dad have belly rubs and treats.  The 6.5-year-old yellows have made their new parents very, very happy.

Pam gave us an update:  We could not be more thrilled to have Bodie (Bjorn) and Lars (Lorek) as part of our family!  All of our children have been Labradors.  These are  numbers eight and nine.  We did rescue two of our previous kids from Safe Harbor.

The boys have settled right in.  Since we are both retired, we get to spend a lot of time with them.  They love lots of belly rubs (almost demand them) and exploring all the new smells in the neighborhood.  Bodie and Lars are typical Labradors and will never turn down food or treats.  They sit and look at us then glance towards the direction of the treat jar.  They are pretty good hunters too and have their favorite spots to look for anything that moves.  Wrestling with each other is another hobby of theirs along with playing with their Kongs.  We are looking forward to taking some trips with the boys,

It feels like we have had them forever!  Thank you Safe Harbor for what you do.

Thanks to Joe for fostering Bodie/Bjorn and Lars/Lorek!