Bodie, a sweet stray, knows how to get what he wants, or Joe, a Safe Harbor foster volunteer, is very picky. 126 foster pups passed through Joe’s door. It took this young, yellow pup to convince him, “This Must Be the Place” (thank you, David Byrne). This match seemed to be of divine intervention, with unspoken words. Bodie is fond of his new lifestyle, so much so that being with Joe is his priority. A lover of people and animals alike, this larger-sized Labrador is learning what a dog’s life should be and has a most experienced guide to show him.
Joe fills us in on what is happening.

“Bodie is a happy, lanky 90 lb guy, and as nice a Lab as you’d ever hope to meet.  He likes other dogs and loves people.  He didn’t understand the concept of foster care, so quickly decided that he was already home.  He’s fascinated by animals he sees on TV and on leashed walks, but resists the temptation to chase them.  He’s not a fan of being left alone, preferring to cuddle on the couch.

A local off-leash park is the place to fetch and to learn how other dogs like to play together.  Also on his agenda are exploring metro area walking trails and hopefully some occasional road trips to the mountains.”  Quite a change from being a stray!
Thank you Joe for all you have done for Safe Harbor and for making Bodie a permanent family member!