It was love at first sight when Larry and Beth saw a photo of a handsome heartbreaker named Bodie. They immediately started the process of applying to adopt this beautiful yellow Lab boy, and before long they were all heading home together as a newly-minted family of three. Still just a youngster at three-years-old, Bodie has a lifetime of love, learning, and adventure to look forward to, with his wonderful new parents by his side.

Beth tells us: Recently we lost our Jake, our darling lab mix who was almost 12. We knew that we would be adopting but we were going to wait a little while. When we visited Safe Harbor’s website and saw Bodie’s face, we knew he was our dog. That sweet look in his eyes told us that our home was perfect for him and he would be perfect for us! We are so thankful that Safe Harbor responded so quickly because we were VERY excited! Just days later we met Bodie and brought him to his new forever home.

Bodie is such a sweet love and has stolen our hearts! He has a never-ending passion for playing with his squeaky ball and loves going for walks and rides in the car. He is a little investigator (with very big paws) as he follows us around the house all day to see what we are doing, and then reminding us that he has his ball with him that is ready to be played with. We are thrilled that Bodie has adopted us!”