Bodie_201604_250pxAfter recently losing their best buddy, Buck, (an SHLR alumnus), Dan and his Jack Russell girl, Boo, came to Safe Harbor to find their new family member. One-year-old Bodie is the lucky pup they chose to help fill the Lab sized hole in their hearts, and while Buck can never be replaced, young Bodie has brought his own special brand of Lab magic into the family.

Bodie is fitting right in and having the time of his life in is new home, as Dan tells us:

Bodie_201604_200pxBodie is my second Safe Harbor success story. After many years and thousands of miles of hiking trails I lost my old chocolate lab last year. I contacted Safe Harbor in January and the rest is history. Bodie is doing great. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone. You’ll never meet a more affectionate dog. He has a new best friend named Boo who quickly taught him to use the dog doors. They enjoy 24 hour in/out access to a big back yard. This back yard backs to open space and is where they get their daily walks. Bodie has already climbed two mountains with me and loves to go hiking (what dog doesn’t).