We adopted Bogey and Mulligan together on June 5th, 2011. We had to say goodbye to Bogey on October 22, 2019. He was somewhere between 11 and 12 years old. It was easily one of the hardest things we have ever been through. Bogey was the sweetest and kindest chocolate Lab you could ever meet. He loved snuggling more than anything. He always wanted to be by your side…or on top of you. He had no idea just how big he was (85 lbs). He would even climb up and lay on top of you in the recliner. Swimming was by far his favorite sport and never wanted to leave the water when it was time to go. We called him No Boundaries Bogey, he was either in your face or too far away in his own world at the park.

In his younger days, he thoroughly enjoyed counter surfing and even managed to eat an entire 2 lb butternut squash one day…stem, seeds, sticker and all. You could never be angry at him; he had the sad puppy dog eyes down to a science. He would give you that look and your heart would just melt. He loved to sit in the rocking chair by the fire pit outside on our patio, why would he lay on the hard patio when there was a soft chair? He was silly and made us laugh. He would love to come in from outside, run around in a circle, crash down on the floor and roll around on this back, we called those Bogey Bombs. He comforted us when we were sick or sad. He made our lives better. He lived in Bogey’s World and we were just lucky enough to be a part of it. There will never be another like him. We miss and love you so much Bogey Dog.