Mark and Susan adopted a five-year-old chocolate delight named Bosco, and they tell us that he is blending into their family, (and furniture), perfectly. After working through a steep learning curve on the stairs, Bosco has now mastered all of the ups and downs in his new home and has very happily settled in forever.

Bosco’s new parents write:  When we decided to get another dog we knew that our first choice, once again, was going to be Safe Harbor. And once again we were not disappointed. Our new friend and family member, Bosco, fit right in with our lifestyle. He had very little trouble adjusting to his new environment with one humorous exception; he didn’t know how to use the stairs of our two story house. We had never even thought about it! Every other dog we owned just climbed up and down naturally, as one would expect. So, what to do? Time for some training!! And what better way to motivate him than with some yummies.

We started off by placing the treats a few steps up from the bottom. Bosco started off by s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g up the steps, often four at a time while laying on his belly, to get the treat. We continued, moving slowly up the stairs. He would continue his stretching routine to nab the treat. Sometimes he would realize he was too high up the stairs, seemingly panic, turn around and proceed back down a couple of steps. Then he would jump over the last two or three steps, his forward momentum unimpeded, hit the hardwood floor at the base of the stairway and skid into the wall.

Well, I am happy to report, that after about two days he figured it out. Now he runs up and down the steps just like the energetic puppy he thinks he is. Displaying all the best characteristics of a Labrador Retriever, he is everything that the foster family mentioned in their ‘Poop Sheet’ assessment and we couldn’t be happier. He fit into our lifestyle so well that he even matched the furniture! (See if you can find the chocolate lab in this photo…Where’s Bosco??)