Lovely six-year-old Bow is home to stay with her new parents, Anna and Dave, and Border Collie mix big sister, twelve-year-old Luna. This glamorous, sociable, blonde is a friend to all and enjoys good times on the trails with her buddies, but she’s also a sensible girl who knows the importance of getting plenty of beauty sleep and never passes up the opportunity for a good, refreshing nap.

Bow’s parents write:

We named her Bow because she was a gift during all this mess. I drove from New Mexico to Colorado to get her and she is a wonderful traveler! She and our other dog, Luna, get along very well and Bow often looks to Luna for advice. Bow is a super laidback girl — the most exercise she gets besides our daily walk is moving from the couch to the dog bed and back. My husband does not believe that she can bark — I have heard her once in our six weeks together. She IS quite a snorer — I can hear her from the couch into my office! We walk every morning, meeting some friends and four other dogs. Bow very quickly became one of the gang. Bow has some big paws to fill.

Our last Lab died in October, 2018, at 16 years of age. His name was Joe. We have realized naming Bow something that rhymes with Joe may have been a mistake as she is on occasion called Joe, but she doesn’t seem to mind. I hope to have Bow come to my Kindergarten classroom from time to time when school resumes and enjoy the students. I appreciate all the wonderful care Safe Harbor gave our girl and made this precious gift a reality.