Boyd is sooo excited to announce the tail-wagging news that he is now the exceptionally proud owner of his very own exceptional forever family!   This two-year-old boy is home to stay and has been impressing his new mom, Teresa, with his delightful combination of smarts, sweets, and joie de vivre; all beautifully wrapped in a rakishly handsome, jet black package of Lab love.
Teresa tells us: “Black pups are ubiquitous. Most people want an unusual dog, mostly not black. But I did. I like black dogs, especially Boyd (Draco). Two-year-old Boyd has been my pup for a little over a month, and we’re becoming fast friends.

He’s small and slim for a male Lab – mixed with who knows what – black as night and shiny as all get-out. He’s got the typical sweet Lab face, with dark root beer eyes and floppy ears. He’s been learning quickly and now knows sit, stand, down, and wait – but just not on a walk – not yet. Boyd definitely does not like to wait on walks, preferring to hunt and chase the city “wildlife” he sees on our frequent outings. We’re working on that!  Otherwise, Boyd’s been a swell, loving pup, who’s getting pretty comfortable in his new digs.

Thank you, SHLR, for the care you take in getting owners matched with the right pups – black pups and all!”