Lyndsey grew up with rescued Labs in the home and had always dreamed of adopting a Lab of her own one day.  When the time was right, she found Safe Harbor and began the search for her new best friend.  Meanwhile, across town, a delightful, dapper, and downright adorable young fellow with a shiny black coat and a purple bowtie collar waited (somewhat) patiently for his new mom to come find him. At just four months old, little Finn Jr. was already a very quick learner who aimed to please as well as being the happiest, most sociable pup around. When Lyndsey and Finn Jr. met it was love at first sight, and these two have been inseparable ever since.

Lyndsey filled us in on life with her new pup, now known as Breck:

Breck (formally named Finn) has filled the missing piece in my life. I stumbled across Breck’s bio and knew I needed to meet this adorable gangly pup. Upon meeting him at his foster mother’s home, I couldn’t believe that no one had reached out with interest in him. He was so snuggly and excited and after some play time, I was eagerly signing papers to take him home with me!

After three months I couldn’t be happier with him in my life! He still carries around his pink duck from his foster mom — it’s his favorite. He has become my shadow and absolutely loves humans and every single animal we come across. As Breck continues to grow (he’s currently at 58 lbs!), he still thinks he’s a lap dog and wants to cuddle up right on top of you. He is such an intelligent pup and excelling within his training classes. Breck is such a sweet dog and a dream come true. Thank you, Safe Harbor!