Brecken came to us at 6 months as a rescue out of Texas. Her failure to make it as a service dog was a win for us! So incredibly scared and shy after living in a kennel with her two sisters for 6 months, she soon warmed up to us and made herself comfortable in her new home. As she ventured out into her brave new world, everything was fascinating and a bit scary. Although always hesitant of men in hats, Brecken displayed a great disposition with people, dogs and any creature she met – other than bees. Yes, she was afraid of cats, but that surely helped keep her out of trouble. An active dog, Brecken was ready to go on a walk, jog or hike any time, day or night. She never tired of physical activity. Such an amazing hiking companion, she would pull me up the hills and patiently allow me and my creaking knees to slowly amble down the hills.

Very stealth-like in her movements, Brecken would walk right by without you ever knowing. Her favorite stealth activity was “stealing” socks. She especially loved my socks directly after I removed them from my feet. Not one sock did she ever chew, but multiple were found buried in her dig pit. One very non stealth move was jumping on the bed for her 4:30 am belly rubs.

While not necessarily fond of car rides (she spent many moments prior to getting in the car on her back in the grass with that sheepish grin on her face), she always loved the destination. And while in the car, she quite often sat upright as a human would. One of the few dogs in the world that knew where her nose ended and the window began, she rarely left a smudge on the window. We were blessed Brecken was such a wonderful travel companion. She went with us everywhere we could drive. A good and responsible visitor to any house, VRBO or hotel she stayed in. A true model companion.

As I look around, both within my mind and in a physical sense, I see her everywhere. Laying on the bed leaning on my pillow, sitting on the poof chair with me intently watching TV when sports or a show on animals was on, wrestling her bed throwing in an occasional growl, bounding up the stairs to come find me when Robin took her on a walk, her blue bone, duckie, her treat ball that Copper knew not to mess with, her beds placed strategically throughout the house, the vegetable garden she loved exploring, the backyard she loved laying in with her belly fully exposed as I worked from home, the car and truck she rode in for so many wonderful adventures, her harness and leash that covered many many miles in numerous cities and states, her precious collar with her “Brecken” name tag… I want just one more hug – Breckie hugs were the BEST!

Brecken, you were an amazing being. So smart, athletic and well-behaved. An incredible partner to Robin and me and sister to Copper these past 7+ years. Your sister is going to miss you terribly. You were a calming presence and yet willing and able for all levels of activity. Even after your surgery and diagnosis, you went on a whirlwind tour – Moab, Indiana, 2 camping trips and Table Rock lake. Your special friends, grandmas, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins all got to see you again. I am heartbroken you have left us so soon. Yet relieved you no longer have to wonder why your body won’t do what you want. Thank you for those glorious years. You will forever be in my heart. I will see you again my precious sweet girl.