Vicki adopted a beautiful four-year-old fox red Lab named Brodhi and soon realized that this energetic youngster would require even more time, patience, and commitment than she had anticipated. Vicki stuck with this sweet boy when things got tough and redoubled her efforts to help him catch up on his training and become the truly great dog he was meant to be. They have both been putting in the hard work and keeping the faith that they were meant to be together and help each other, and now Vicki and Brohdi are reaping the rewards and strengthening their very special bond every day.  

Vicki tells their story:

Brodhi has been with me for almost four months now. After the passing of my husband in May I decided to get a furry companion to take care of and keep me company. Brodhi is the first dog I have rescued from a shelter. All of my other dogs were from a breeder. The ad on the Safe Harbor website said Brodhi came to them as a stray with very high energy and he needed to gain about eleven pounds. There was something about his face in the picture that attracted me to him.

Beginning our new life together was exciting but sometimes stressful because Brodhi is truly high energy and he needed a lot more training than I thought he would. There were a few days when I thought I might have made a mistake. I have never given a dog up in my life and every time I looked into his eyes there was no way I could let him go. I made a decision to do what ever it took to make this relationship work and I am so glad I have done that!

We go for two 30 minute walks a day and sometimes visit people in the stores of Berthoud. Brodhi is known all over town now and people love him. He has gotten to be a very well mannered dog on the leash. We are still working on his manners when we have company.  We go to the dog park about three or four days out of the week so Brodhi can play and run with other dogs. He LOVES the dog park!

He is very sensitive and knows when I’m feeling grief from losing my husband. He will lay his head on my stomach and leave it there for a while, looking up at me like he’s saying “I’m here with you, it’s OK”.  Brodhi is also very smart and fun. He makes me laugh every day. My Vet and I both think he is part Rhodesian Ridgeback because of his very long legs, his build and other features. My handsome boy now weighs 75 lbs. He was at 63 lbs. when I got him. His whole rib cage stuck out.

Thank you Safe Harbor for taking Brodhi in so we could find each other.