Bronx (aka Bronxie) was simply the best (2011 – 2023). We adopted him from SHLR in 2013 when he was tw0 years old. There was some history of his first couple years, but it wasn’t totally clear how he was cared for. He growled when he was scared or unsure of certain people (usually tall strange men) and therefore was headed down an unpredictable path of trusting others. Fortunately, he landed with SHLR and a foster family that gave him love and security. Once we adopted him there was so much progress in the first month we knew Bronx was a keeper!

Bronx lived in Aspen and truly lived the Colorado dog dream! He traveled all over CO-MN-OR-CA, camped, hiked, swam in rivers and mountain lakes, SUP’d, rafted the upper CO many times, loved all other dogs and kids, hunted to his hearts content, mountain biked, skied, rode gondolas to the top of the mountains, played dress up, became a regular at both the office and shop, stole lots of lunches, and was a regular at the ER vet – eating rat poison and whole chicken wings, rescued from a drainage pipe after chasing a rabbit, TPLO knee surgery, rolled by a car, and porcupine quills – fell in love with his girl Fannie, loved his overly affectionate cousin Obie, and melted the heart of his owners and most everyone that knew him.

There is no doubt he brought many laughs, tears, and adventures to us over the past 10 years. Life will not be the same without him around. Labs are simply the best and Bronx will be missed terribly. Thank you SHLR for the past 10 years with Bronxie…our lives are changed forever after knowing him.

Julie & Brad, Aspen CO