This Buck has stopped at the right place.  This nine-month-old chocolate with two new dog brothers is living his best life.  He is such a fervent lover and seeker of water; his name should maybe be Dowser (someone who looks for water).  Bridgit and Xavier have made the happiest Labradors of these three.

Here is an update:

Buck has been the BEST addition to our family. He gets along great with his two brothers. He loves playing fetch and a ton of belly rubs all day long!

But he loves water the most. Who likes to be sprayed in the face with water? Buck does! Over and over again. If you put the hose away he wonders what is going on and won’t stop looking for it! You should see him swim in the pond..we think he should star in the Olympics! Even with all that energy at heart he is a playful, loving, sweet pup.

Thanks to Ronda and Steve for fostering and facilitating Buck!