Our family is devastated from the loss of our good friend on July 18 2018. Buck (aka…Bo-Bo, Schmidlap, Buckmandoo, Buck-n-zee, Buckmiester, Buckeye Sprite, Me Bucko, Pass the Buck, the Buck stops here) lost to old age and Laryngeal paralysis. Buck came into our lives in February 2004 from the old Foothills/Golden Animal shelter in Applewood. He was full height and adult bodyweight so we assume he lived to an age of 16 and perhaps a little older, still it was not nearly long enough. He was more human than many people and lived a life filled with love in his forever home with our family in Bailey where he was praised and gushed over and given constant attention, the hole he leaves in our hearts with his absence is terrible.

Buck had a huge part in our family, watching our two boys from Elementary school to manhood, Being an emotional anchor and best friend to all of us. He hiked fourteeners and camped with the boy scout troop in Bailey so many people there have great memories of everybody’s pal Buck. He camped with his family and loved swimming in Wellington Lake, loved the Conifer Bark Park, waited for the kids to get off of the school bus every day and loved to bed down at night in his cubby and dog bed with us every night. He was a happy guy at all times and was part of the happenings at our annual New Years Party and other get togethers. He was well known amongst the folks with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing and although he never could get a race car ride on track, he did get out on the race track with the club equipment van.

Although never on a call (he didn’t have spots) he did ride Platte Canyon Fire Engine 2 up Crow hill from a High School football game once back in the day. He loved being boarded at Alpine Mickeys dog care when we took a vacation and figured out how to work the fence latch so he and the other dogs in his group could get into the play area and get more time in the pool. He loved the attention he got with visits to the Patio at Mad Jacks Brewpub in Bailey.

He was a welcoming host and playmate to another Lab, Carmine that temporarily lived with us in 2011 and again for the neighbors boys and dog Tulo after their house suffered a fire. He Was a welcoming companion to our 2 Tabby cats Charlie and Chester (Chester took to sleeping on top of buck the past 2 years) and welcomed in another lab Coco from Maxfund into her forever home over 5 year ago.

Our family is so much richer for having the greatest gift that was Buck a smart dog full of personality and character like no other I have ever met. I only hope I can be half the man Buck thought I was, we are so lucky we had this time together and the family misses you terribly. You will never be forgotten in any way, such is the impressions and lessons from the life full of love you lived with us.