Pam and Greg brought ten-year-old Buck into their family, and this very good boy has been filling their home with that special Lab cheer ever since. Despite some unfortunate times in his past, Buck is a pup who always sees the water bowl as half full and goes full speed ahead into each exciting day of his new life.  While he has slipped right into his new role as a cherished family Lab and seems to be quite a natural, Buck never misses an opportunity to let his new parents know how happy he is that they chose him to come home with them forever.

Pam and Greg sent us an update after Buck had settled in:

Buck came into our lives with a bounce and a smile.  While he was calm and quiet when we first met him, even in the face of meeting new people, new dogs, and encountering nippy little dogs on our first exploratory walk, when I said, “Yes, we’re going to adopt him,” he became an exuberant bundle of crazy joy.

While he came from a difficult background, Buck is the most amazing dog.  He greets every dog or human he meets in an extremely calm and confident manner, never cringing away and never getting aggressive.  He was previously underfed, but he still won’t counter surf, just waits until we give him his food.  He loves to hang his head out of the window when we go for a drive, drinking in the wind.  He is really an old dog who can learn new tricks.  He learned “on the rug” in less than three days, and he comes when called, even if there’s a bunny, squirrel, or bird to chase.  I do have to say, he really doesn’t understand why we want him to lift a paw when we say “shake,” but he will do it anyway, humoring us.

From the tough circumstances he came from, he now has all the food, toys, warmth and love he could want and is the best companion a couple could have.