Seven-year-old Bucky went from having nothing but the fur on his back and a few stray kibbles in a borrowed food bowl to living the life of Riley (well, actually Bucky) in his new home with his fabulous forever mom, Sherrie. Bucky recently sent us a woof-o-gram to let us know that the mountain air agrees with him and has put a new pep in his step and more wind in his sails, and he swears that it has also done wonders for his complexion. This newly fresh-faced lad tells us that the best part of his new leash on life is always having his new mom at the other end of it. What a good boy!

Sherrie adds: Bucky is THE BEST! He is soooo sweet and always tries to please—at least most of the time! He loves people, riding in the car, is like my constant shadow, and loves to take walks! The challenge is to keep him from pulling, as I don’t think he was ever leash trained at all. I have a good collar for this, and he is improving a bit each day. Sometimes his enthusiasm takes over, though. Fortunately, I can leave him by himself when I go to work, and the only evidence I have of any wrongdoing is the bed or couch is often his resting place. He is a good sleeper, though, and does not wake me up until I am ready to get up myself. I dearly love him already! Thanks for connecting him to me!