I wanted to let you all know what is going on with Buddy Jr,  who we adopted just a short year ago in Nov 2016 after losing our sweet Bailey, SHL alumni from 2008, to an inoperable “large mass on his esophagus”. I wanted to honor Bailey’s memory by giving a home to another dog that needed one and to give Ziggy, SHL alumni form 2010, another “brother”.

Buddy is the 4th SHL lab we have had the pleasure of calling family. He has a cancerous tumor on his left thyroid and also one in his brain in the pituitary region. I had him up to CSU this November for diagnosis and recommendations. They said they are both inoperable as the thyroid tumor has branched into his blood vessels and, obviously, the brain tumor can’t be operated on. They suggested intense radiation. There are so many highly possible serious complications with the treatment, and an end result of only “buying some time” for him, that I have decided not to pursue that avenue. I would rather make sure that Buddy has a good quality of life for as long as is possible, than having possible extended “quantity” of life. I have been “treating” him with herbs and essential oils, with the help of a holistic vet, and his tail is still wagging. I have called him “happy tail” every since we got him since his tail has always wagged constantly.

He sleeps a lot now and he can barely see (due to the brain tumor), but he is still obviously comfortable and able to enjoy life as best he can. At least we were able to take him camping every month last summer which he enjoyed with utter abandon. I do not think we will have the opportunity to give him another year of camping this season though which is a bitter thought. When the time comes that I know he is no longer happy, I will make the decision to send him on to the Rainbow Bridge.

On February 1, Buddy was led to the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by love. My big “Happy Tail” was no longer wagging his tail.