John is a lifelong Lab lover who adopted his first Safe Harbor pup 14 years ago. The latest lucky Lab to join John’s family is 11-year-old Buddy, and this sporty senior gent could not have landed in a better spot. With a new doting dad making sure that his heart and food bowl are always full, and a 9-year-old Aussie sister to keep him on his toes, Buddy’s future is truly golden.

John tells us: Big lovable Buddy has settled in nicely with his new sister Callie. She’s a rowdy little Aussie who keeps Buddy young. Although at 11 he’s not quite the athlete he once was he still enjoys playing ball. He barks at me when he doesn’t get the ball thrown to him enough. Walks to look for squirrels is one of his favorite pastimes but napping in his big bed may be his absolute favorite. He gets extra exercise following me to the kitchen all the time; he is a lab after all.