Safe Harbor alumna, Molly, and her parents, Kelly and Paul, have a new Buddy! Their Buddy is a genial eight-year-old Lab gent with soulful brown eyes and a silver-tipped, glossy black coat, whose good looks and good cheer make him a favorite wherever he goes. True to his name, Buddy is everyone’s friend and quickly convinced his new feline siblings that their parents had once again found just the right pup to add to the family.

Kelly and Paul tell us:

Buddy is a very sweet boy. He gets along very well with Molly, our first adopted Lab from Safe Harbor. They love going on walks together. One of the parks we go to has a little pond. Buddy loves to wade through it but has yet to convince Molly it is a good idea. She watches him frolic safely from the grass. At home, she will get in their little dog pool, but it is Buddy who loves to chase the water as we spray it. Since he is quite fond of rolling on his back, especially in the dirt, we find that his love of water comes in handy.

He is a very spry boy for being eight years young. He zips around the back yard and the dog park. If it wasn’t for his gray muzzle, nobody would believe he is as old as he is. He is just young at heart. Like Molly before him, he has been a joy to add to our family. Even the cats think he is the best. We are so happy to have our Buddy and Molly.