Sweet Buddy heard through the Lab grapevine that Peg’s house was a great place to go to experience the foster dog good life, so he signed right up to bunk there until his forever family came along.  Being a wise and sensible fellow whose nine years of dogging around had taught him to know a good thing when he sees it, Buddy quickly knew that he had just found the perfect place to hang his leash forever.  When his foster family realized that life is even sweeter with another Buddy in it, everyone agreed that this buddy was already home.Peg sent us an update shortly after her new boy joined the family:Buddy (black lab) arrived at my home as a foster but quickly claimed ownership to his corner.  He was blind from diabetes but always kinda knew where the tennis balls were.  He would listen for the ball “plop” and pick it up leaving Chester (yellow lab) wondering what just happened. He received cataract surgery and all of sudden he could see and was ever quick grabbing even before the “plop”.  The solution was two balls and here he is with his new BFF (Chester might not agree).  The rest of us were convinced by his gentle nature that we had to be a foster failure household.  Welcome Buddy.