Everybody needs a Buddy and now Stesha, David, and their four-year-old pup, Duke, have a very special new Buddy of their very own. Buddy is the new big brother that Duke had been hoping for so he’s been happy to show him around, share a few household tips, and help him settle in. As Buddy snuggles into his place in the family, everyone is enjoying having the home filled with double the Lab love once again.

Buddy’s new parents sent us an update: “ When I awoke to what I thought was thunder, I realized it was 180 pounds of Labrador careening down the hall. Seven-year-old Buddy became fast friends with his new brother Duke. He is lucky number three adopted from Safe Harbor filling a void left by Jack who we adopted at nine years old. As Buddy settles in his personality starts to unfold…Duke teaches him the house rules and just how far you can get into the house with muddy paws. “He has slipped into the fold of the family as if he has been here his full seven years and after Duke lost his fourteen-year-old brother he has a new rambunctious playmate. After raising four Labs from pups the idea of adopting an older Lab was a bit intimidating. I have learned they are so full of stories and are eager to add more chapters and adventure to their lives.

“Thank you to Shirley S. for fostering our Buddy.”