Marge and Bob have a new Buddy! This Buddy is an oh-so-handsome two-year-old black Lab pup with a ready smile and a welcoming wag for everyone he meets. This cheerful fellow is loving family life and and very happily adapting to all the comforts of home.

Buddy’s new parents tell us:

We are so lucky to have Buddy in our lives. His name perfectly reflects his personality- he is a “buddy” to all people and dogs. He is settling in and showing us his sweet, funny, waggy self. He has regained his appetite for food and treats and he loves comfy dog beds where he can sleep on his back and become upside down sleeping Buddy. He is always ready for belly rubs and for a good walk with his dog friends. He is even learning Pilates. We love black lab mixes and he has some hound dog in him as his howling at ambulance sirens proves. What a great combination of sweetness and alertness. We have all hit the jackpot!

Many thanks to Gloria for fostering Buddy/Hermes!