Buddy Jr. has some very exciting news and he can’t wait to woof all about it.  This rakishly handsome, seven-year-old lad has hit the proverbial jackpot and is now living the life of Lab luxury with his fabulous new parents, Brenda and Randy.  Buddy happily shares his parents with his new canine brother, (and SHLR alumnus), ten-year-old Ziggy, and their temporary roommate (and forever nephew), Frankie the Pug, who is Brenda and Randy’s granddog.  Buddy is the fourth Safe Harbor Lab to have the great fortune to be adopted by this Lab-loving family, and he is very proud to follow in the impressive pawsteps of their beloved pups, Savannah, SHLR class of 2005; and Bailey, adopted in 2008, who they recently lost at age 13.  Right after Buddy’s adoption, Brenda sent a note to his former foster mom, saying:  “We look forward to giving him the happiest “forever” home he could want. I am devoted to honoring Bailey’s memory by giving Buddy the best home he could hope for. You are right, he is absolutely the sweetest dog with such expressive eyes. You know you are looking right into his soul and all it is saying is “Love Me!”. Can’t and won’t disappoint him on that one.”

After Buddy had settled in and made himself right at home, we received the following update from Buddy’s parents: Buddy is an absolute gem. He has fit right into our family like he was always meant to be here. He is quite the character. He has bonded with his SHLR “brother”, Ziggy, and they act like they have always been best buds. It is uncanny how much they look like each other. It is often hard for my husband, Randy, and myself to tell them apart from a distance. I even find myself thinking I’m talking to Ziggy only to find it is Buddy who is listening intently.

Buddy has started training classes to brush up on some skills and thinks this is the best as he can meet many different dogs as he is quite social. We want to make sure we have a well-mannered dog come summer as Buddy will be going with us to explore the great outdoors on many camping trips. We look forward to him and Ziggy having the greatest of times romping through the mountains.

We are so grateful to be able to give such a loving boy a new family since we enjoy and love him so much.