Sweet Buddy has been grinning from ear to lop-sided ear ever since Kendra and Kevin chose him to join their family and be the first four-legged resident of their new home. This one-year-old pup has been soaking up the love from his new parents and relishing his new roles as “head people walker”, “squire of the squirrel yard”, and fetcher-in-chief.buddy-1

Kendra and Kevin sent us an update on life with Buddy:  Buddy has been one of those perfectly timed surprises that fell into our laps when we least expected it.  Like many others we had anticipated welcoming a puppy into our newly purchased home.  We had just broken free of apartment life and have both grown up with labs so we began searching several lab rescues throughout Denver for a puppy.  Throughout the first few weeks of our search we found many grown labs without homes and gradually felt more and more like welcoming a more mature dog into our home.  On a whim we found Buddy and fell for his Yoda ears and spotted tongue.  We were happy to get accepted and surprisingly found that he was staying only a few blocks away from our house.  We immediately fell in love with his energetic loving personality and haven’t looked back.  He loves to watch TV with us but hates scary movies.  He lives for socializing on his walks and he’s slowly learning how to camp.  His toy Elephant “Ellie” has been gutted multiple times and he maintains a strict no squirrel policy in the backyard.  We could not have found a better addition to our household.