BudE’s in love with the mountain life and has been savoring every minute in his new forever home. This delightful one-year-old chocolate chap has landed in puppy paradise and is thriving with abundant exercise, training, and love from his new parents, Darren and Michelle, and six-year-old canine big sis, Lilly.

His proud parents filled us in on their clever new pup’s adventures and achievements:

BudE fka Jones is living the dream. He enjoys 35 acres of mountain land, exploring it all with his new sister, Lilly. He is our lanky bungler — a big goofy dummy who loves to snuggle and nuzzle and just be around his humans. Adopting BudE was great for all of us. We can’t imagine our home without him. We absolutely love him.

BudE is in heaven roaming our property. He is super excited to go on his daily hikes and has a ton of energy. He bounds through the deep snow like it is nothing. He is fun to watch as he lays in the deep powder and swims. New smells and sounds cause a tilt of his head and are very often followed by his super low-pitched bark. He roams untethered with us while hiking the property and has found the deer population very interesting as well as much faster than he is. There has been a lot of snow on the property, so we are looking forward to “easier” hiking in the coming months. He is extremely smart and wants to please his humans. He mastered the dog door day one. In the past month we have worked on his training program daily, and he is responding like an old pro to field commands (quite impressive I may say). His collection of (chew) toys rivals any toddler. He is really strong and plays tug-of-war with his sister, teasing her more often than not. Oh yeah, did I mention he loves to eat. Boy does he love to eat. Thank you for all you do to protect and help our four-legged pals!