Buster passed away on April 10. He was my second senior Lab from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue (adoption name “Ello”), and he had a great final four years. He was the goofiest dog I’ve ever had and made me laugh every day. For instance, he would go up to a tree and instead of lifting his leg on the tree, he’d lift the opposite leg, the one away from the tree; and he liked to lick his paws and then rub his head with them like a cat. He didn’t like to play ball much — he’d chase it once and then be done — but he loved to be hugged and would bury his head into my chest. He just wanted to be loved and he certainly was.

Unfortunately, he developed multiple health issues. In the first year he developed hypothyroidism; the next year it was pancreatitis, for which he went on a special diet; finally, in the last few months, he started getting mini-seizures in which his head and shoulders would shake, and the vet said there wasn’t much we could do about it. After he passed, I just sat in the car and cried. I don’t how I would’ve have gotten through the past year without his love. He was so sweet.