Callie, Callie Girl, Callie Monster… We miss you terribly. Callie made me a “mom” 10.5 years ago and I am so glad she was my first. From adoption day when she darted out of her foster home after a bunny until her very last day my life was full of adventure and laughs. She loved walks and car rides and became an avid bunny hunter. She is the only lab I have met who hated the water. She would not go near it and would even insist on crossing the street to avoid sprinklers. Rain? heck no I won’t go out in that. Snow? I prefer to avoid that as well. Callie lived a wonderful 15 years (most of it) with me, her poppa and her furry siblings. She crossed the Rainbow bridge peacefully at home with her loving family and her grandma telling her what an amazing special girl she was. She lives forever in our hearts! Miss you baby girl.