It’s no secret that many people believe life will be sweeter if you always keep a generous supply of high-quality chocolate nearby, and gorgeous six-year-old Canelo is happily doing his part to prove this theory. This charming Lab gent and his fabulous new mom, Angela, are thrilled too have found each other and are helping to spread the word that chocolate isn’t just for dessert anymore.

Angela tells us:

It’s been almost 4 years since I lost my last dog, and adding Canelo into my world has been a seamless transition. He is a true joy. When we first met, he acted as if he had been waiting for me! It didn’t take him long to make himself at home – we’re already a fully integrated team! He is the sweetest boy and is super friendly and polite to every new person and dog he meets. He loves his walks around our neighborhood – he’s clearly a scent hound, and especially likes hunting up rabbits.

Canelo keeps me company while I work from home, and he helps me remember to take breaks throughout the day for treats and sometimes a quick walk. At first, he was unsure about going for car rides, but now he loves to come along! Canelo is sweet, funny, stubborn, and so smart. He’s everything I’ve been missing. I’m so thankful for Canelo!