cash-sleepingMeet Cash, the new resident doggy diplomat at James and Jodi’s house.  Cash is a handsome and good-natured yellow fellow, and at about 5 1/2-years-old he is the perfect middle brother for his new Lab siblings.  He has slipped right in between big brother, Goose, who at 12 years old is aged to perfection, and young Harley, who is still rocking his teenage years.  Family fun is now at the top of Cash’s agenda every day as he divides his time between playtime with Harley, chill time with Goose, and hanging out with mom and

We would love to update you on Cash (formerly King). When our yellow lab Jake passed away this April at the ripe old age of 13 1/2 from cancer we decided to get our 12 year old white lab Goose a new brother. We adopted Harley our silver lab at 8 months old. Shortly after we realized Harley was a little too crazy for Goose. Harley wanted to play all the time and Goose just wanted to nap.  Shortly after getting Harley, Goose started having anxiety. It took some time we but decided Goose needed a brother who was a little older to hopefully help with his anxiety. We looked and looked and we finally came upon Cash. Long story short, we met Cash and instantly fell in love. He was coming home with us and there was no doubt. Instantly the three of them became brothers and have the best time together. Goose now loves to go outside with the young boys as long as he can be the referee for playing fetch or for wrestling matches Cash and Harley love to have. Goose no longer has anxiety now that Cash has joined our fur family. Cash has been with us a month but feels like he has always lived here. When he is not playing outside with his brothers he loves to cuddle with his mom on the couch in the evenings and sleep in the bed. He loves to go for rides in the car and is excellent on a leash but we have found that napping on his back is his favorite pastime.  Cash is a perfect fit for our family and we could not be happier with this yellow guy.

Cash is pictured posing for the family Lab portrait with his brothers; hanging with Harley; and showing off his spectacular upside down sleeping skills.