One-year-old Caspian arrived at Kathleen’s home as a foster dog but that didn’t last long. It would be hard to find a more adorable Lab than young Caspian or a sweeter tale of foster failure.

Kathleen tells their story:

It seems a bit cliché to say, ‘I knew the minute he walked in the house that he was staying’ — yet it is true — I knew! Caspian is a one-year-old black Lab with Optic Nerve Atrophy meaning that he is completely blind. It took him a couple of days to get the lay of the house and yard and then he soon figured it out. He does still occasionally bang into things and I still feel bad! That said, he has gentlest heart one could imagine. He oozes love and confidence when he is out in the world — people don’t realize he can’t see unless I tell them. At home, he is more subdued yet will run in circles like a crazy one-year-old Lab when I come home even after being gone for only a short time!

Caspian “knows” that people are here to love him and for him to love. Today, on our morning walk, we passed a man who was sitting at a picnic table eating breakfast. As we passed by, the man and I said “hello” to each other — Caspian immediately stopped and headed over to the man. He sat by the man’s side and let him pet him for about five minutes. The man looked at me and said, “If only the people in the world had as much love as Caspian does, it would be a wonderful world.” That’s Caspian — bringing love to anyone who will stop to say hello. I’m so thankful that Caspian stopped by my house and stuck around!

Thank you to Kathleen for opening your heart and home to sweet Caspian and making all his puppy dreams come true, and congratulations to you both for finding each other!