Kim and Richard lost their beloved fourteen-year-old SHLR Lab, Zoey, last fall, and when they were ready to add a new family member they once again turned to Safe Harbor. A one-year-old blond beauty named Cassie caught their eye and captured their hearts, and this lovely pup was soon home to stay.

Ever since her adoption day, Cassie has been busy counting her blessings and her new family members. “Let’s see”, she woofs with a wink and a wag, “I have one new chocolate covered Lab brother named Jake. He’s thirteen and knows everything there is to know so he teaches me stuff wherever we go. I also have two fabulous new parents, as well as two of the best kids you’ve ever seen. Last but not least, I have three four-legged sisters who don’t know how to speak Bark, but speak a language all their own. I can’t always understand them, but I’m pretty sure we are getting along famously!” Kim and Richard sent us an update on life with Cassie:

Cassie: From Little Rock to Rocky Mountains

From what we understand, this sweet and petite yellow gal spent the first year of her life in Arkansas. There is evidence she had puppies but likely she didn’t get much else in the way of socialization. She entered our lives two days before July 4th and quickly found out loud noises, doorways, and thunder must be avoided at all costs. With a lot of patience, treats, the loan of a ThunderShirt, and some creative “cone of silence” setups in quiet parts of our home, Cassie has slowly come out of her shell. Jake, her new, super mellow chocolate lab brother, is a good role model for how to live a laid back Colorado lab lifestyle.

While she’s a little “loud noise impaired,” what’s proven a piece of cake for this sweet girl are her new sisters. Not labs, not even canines, but three FELINE sisters who were curious about this new, yellow addition. Moochie, a former foster (kitten) herself, has been particularly interested in Cassie and we knew things were going to be OK the day we found Cassie outside (went through the door all by herself!) chewing on a bone with Moochie the cat gazing on. Cassie has also discovered that Little Rock had nothing on the BIG ROCKS of Colorado. She’s been on many hikes and loves water. She begins private, in-home training with Canine Dimensions this week. After interviewing several training companies, we decided working on her fear of common things in her home would be the best for this quickly-becoming-less-timid girl. Their specially tailored program for rescue dogs is her next big step.

While still a little shy, her quiet demeanor benefits her in other ways–such as sneaking on the bed when nobody’s looking. Her new family members don’t mind a bit. They have plenty of room for lots of love and cuddles. Even the cats can spare a few inches when sweet Cassie sneaks in, yellow tail thumping, blowing her cover. The minute she knows she’s been spotted…she rolls on her back for a tummy rub. Cassie, you’ve come a long way baby!

Photo Details: Pictured (L to R) are Kim, Richard, and Jake, with Cassie on her adoption day; Kim and Cassie on a recent hike to Gross Reservoir; and Moochie the cat and Cassie bonding over a bone.