Life is Good


We got Tara from Safe Harbor in June of 2010. She is doing very well and keeping the other dogs in line. Probably a little over weight but she does love the treats. She is much loved! Thank you for bringing her into our family.


"We are a little late with Jordy's pupdate-- but we have been quite busy moving from CO to ND and adjusting to much colder temperatures, all while playing lots of fetch, going on our morning puppy runs, and getting lots of pup play-dates in. Jordy [...]


Baxter was returned to SHLR several times (I believe 3 or 4) in his short life. One of your volunteers posted him on her Facebook page saying he was coming back into rescue again. I contacted her and told her he was most likely an [...]


Today marks the one year anniversary of when we brought home our precious pup! Adopting Maya was one of the best things we have ever done and she has been such a joy!   Her personality makes everyone laugh and the memories we have created [...]