Life is Good


We wanted to share a little update with you since it has been one year since we rescued Buck.  We changed his name to Huck. He goes by Huck, Huckleberry, Berry, and sometimes just dude.It did not take too long for him to settle into [...]


We adopted Jax (FKA Jaxson) in late March 2020. He is our second SHLR adoption. From the get-go he was the perfect addition to our family. He is full of energy and loves chasing us around the woods running, mountain biking, Nordic skiing and skinning. [...]


Thank you so much for the thoughtful Adopt - A - Versary card! My husband and I cried when we opened it, Toby is our whole world! We love him so much although he has clearly chosen my husband Tom as his number one person [...]


Ash did not get a new name when we adopted him. We kept it as is and he’s doing great. Since we got him in February 2020 and he was around four, we’ve unofficially made his middle name “Wednesday” and now celebrate his birthday on [...]


I just wanted to take a minute and tell you:  What amazing work you all do!  It is so appreciated! There are not enough words.  But start with LOVE. And thank you for bringing me my King (formerly Bubba).  He is just such a good [...]


Hello! My name is Kendle and I wanted to send you an update on Lola (formerly known as Tatum) whom we adopted from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in October 10, 2012. Lola is nine years old and loves her life in Parker! She is a [...]

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