New Beginnings


From the moment they met, two-year-old Max and his new dad, George, knew they were meant to be together, and they've been making the most of every day since. A natural blond with a nose for adventure, an eye for beautiful scenery, and four paws [...]


When six-year-old Ryder heard that he was going to a foster home, he figured he would have a place to hang his leash for a few days while he enjoyed some home-cooked meals, caught up on his beauty sleep, and started interviewing potential forever families. [...]


Five-year-old Tuck is home for the holidays with Kathi, Bob, and their son William, who decided to make another lucky pup's dreams come true after the recent loss of their first beloved Safe Harbor Lab. Tuck is one big, handsome hunk of chocolate, and he's [...]


What a good boy! Ten-month-old Remmie is doing his doggone best to get on Santa's 'nice' list as he looks forward to sharing his first Christmas with his very own family. John, Mary, and their daughter, Jackie, have welcomed young Remmie into their home with [...]

Honey Bee

After a long stay in a fabulous foster home where she received all the love and expert care needed to help get her various medical issues under control, eight-year-old Honey Bee was ready to find her forever home. With newly restored vision and a whole [...]