Jim, Barb, and Rocky told us the story of the three wishes that were granted when ten-month-old Nikki joined their family: The Three Wishes Rocky, the Golden Retriever: "My Golden Retriever friend Max got sick and went away in November.  I miss him. The neighbor’s [...]


It's time to catch up on the adventures of Annie, a five-year-old brindle beauty who is happily settling into the good life with her new mom, Kate.  Miss Annie is tall and lean and on the larger side, but she's every inch the gentlelady and [...]


Some people have trouble with their co-workers—that is not the case when your colleague is four year old Layla.  A curious yellow Labrador, Layla helps Rich and Sheryl in all aspects of the business at hand. She also knows when it's time to play and is not subtle [...]


Steve and his senior Lab girl, Skylar, have welcomed a dapper silver-haired gent named Oakley into the family.  At about 5.5-years-old, Oakley is a happy and energetic Lab who is proving to be the perfect sidekick for his active, adventurous new dad.  These two guys will be enjoying a [...]


Doug the Dog is one handsome hound and as charming a chap as you're likely to meet.  He's a lover of life, a fetcher of balls, a wrangler of squirrels, and, most importantly, he is now a family man!  Doug is the proud owner of [...]

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