It’s been almost two weeks since I adopted eight-month-old Hank to join Chloe, my nine-year-old Safe Harbor Lab Rescue companion, and me. I recently moved downtown into the most dog-friendly neighborhood you could imagine. I was a little concerned about handling a puppy and there [...]


There's another beautiful four-legged blond in Kara's family! Tucker joined the crew at about seven months old and quickly fit right in with his new siblings, Star and Xander, who filled him in on the ins and outs of family life and the art of [...]


There's always a retriever party going on at Janet and Bill's house now that one-year-old Kirby has joined his new siblings, Jazz and Chip, at the doggie table. Kirby is a rakishly handsome, good-natured, yellow fellow  who has charmed the entire family and quickly become [...]

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