New Beginnings


Young Duke likes to live life to the fullest. Whether there's a ball that needs to be retrieved, a trail that needs to be hiked, or a squirrel that must be chased — Duke is always first in line.  Some of his favorite pursuits these days [...]


You don't meet a dog named Dave every day, so Lynn and Karin knew it must be their lucky day when Dave the dog came and parked himself in their hearts and home.  At eight years old, Dave is already a man of the world, [...]


One-and-a-half-year-old Nellie recently traded in her life on the road. She is blazing a new trail!  With a new family, she tries very hard to please.  She really hates to let them out of her sight. But if she has to say goodnight, she is sure to make [...]


That wagging blur you see running around Tom and Nancy's home and gaily chasing critters throughout the yard is none other than the lovely Miss Ivy.  Seven-month-old Ivy recently joined the family and is showing her new parents the joys of seeing all the wonders [...]

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