New Beginnings


Puppies and parrots, oh my!  After the loss of the family's beloved senior Lab, Jake the parrot had ruled the roost at Ted and Donna's house until a seven-month-old puppy named June arrived and gave him a little woof-back of her own.  Luckily, no feathers [...]


Not too many Labs in Colorado can brag that they have a job at their new mom's marina lined up for next summer! Lucky little one-year-old Cally has found her forever home with Robin, and while she's very excited about being home for the upcoming [...]


Robert and Rebecca's newest Lab love is the charming Miss Annie. When they were ready to find a pup to help fill the empty spaces left in their hearts after the loss of their previous Safe Harbor Lab, 3.5-year-old Annie came along and wagged her [...]


One-year-old Waylon packed up his bags and his hopes and dreams and made the long trek to Colorado from a neighboring state. His greatest wish was that a forever home would be waiting for him at the end of his journey. Sure enough, after a [...]


Crystal and Doug always find a special place in their hearts and home for dogs who are older or may otherwise be more challenging to place. Sweet ten-year-old Dakota is delighted to announce that she has found her forever with this wonderful couple, who have [...]