When is a foster dog not a foster dog? When he unpacks his bowl and decides to stay forever! That's what young Rocky did as soon as he saw what a fabulous foster home he had landed in. This 1.5 year-old boy took a good [...]


When ten-month-old Gracie met her new mom, Denise, she seemed to know that she had found her person and would soon be on her way home. These two have been on the go ever since, with days filled with a healthy mix of exercise, training, [...]


Lucky Dugan gets to sit and stay forever in his new home with Emily and Kerry, their three kids, and a Border Collie/Princess mix named Bella. Dugan is fitting right in with his new family who have been diligently continuing his training with just the [...]


Our handsome Duke is royally pleased to introduce his new parents, David and Stesha, and big brother, Jack, who is by all accounts a prince of a Lab. While he excels at the life of leisure, young Duke is also studying hard and looking forward [...]


Four-year-old Max has a lot to wag about these days as he settles into the family life with Mike and Alicia. He is thrilled to have also gained two canine siblings, and while his new Lab brother has already given him a hearty paws up, [...]


Little Patty trotted into Becky's house as a foster pup and quickly made herself indispensable as the persistent cuddle buddy and fulltime shadow to the resident Lab, five-year-old Irish. Becky and Irish quickly knew that their hearts and family were ready to expand to make [...]


Seven-year-old Dixie is thoroughly enjoying her happily-ever-after with her new mom, Barb, and Lab mix big brother, twelve-year-old Samson.  Dixie is a lovely little lowrider Lab who loves family outings but always insists on being the head trailblazer and setting the course.  While she may [...]


The new kid frolicking around Jayne and Mike's home is the adorable Mr. Newman! Newman joined the family at about six months old, and this happy, handsome, fellow has been busy growing into his lanky puppy legs and keeping his new family amused ever since. [...]

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