Zuko is the latest in a long line of very lucky Labradors to find a forever home with Sharm and Bill.  An experienced gent with about a decade of Labbing under his collar, Zuko easily won over his new parents and younger canine siblings and [...]


Lovely Luna is over the moon about her new parents, Jim and Angela, and the feeling is definitely mutual.  At about three years old, there's still a lot of pup left in this pup, and her new family makes sure that her days are filled [...]


Three-year-old Logan charmed his way into his new family.  Bridgit and Xavier thought that Tugger, their white Lab, would appreciate a buddy to hang out with.  Of course, it was meant to be, and these boys became best buddies, checking out the sights and the [...]

Feetie Pie

Feetie Pie is a lovely eleven-year-old cutie pie who stopped off at Kathryn's house for foster care and some rest and relaxation while she waited to find her forever home.  Turns out, Feetie Pie is happiest when her feeties are on the move outside, so [...]


The foster failure club grew by leaps and bounds last year and 12-year-old Miss Zoey was one of the lucky Labs who decided not to pack up and move again after landing in a wonderful foster home.  Zoey knows a good thing when she sees [...]


Sweet Buddy heard through the Lab grapevine that Peg's house was a great place to go to experience the foster dog good life, so he signed right up to bunk there until his forever family came along.  Being a wise and sensible fellow whose nine [...]

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