Rainbow Bridge


It’s so difficult to describe our too-short time with our beloved Labs. I adopted beautiful Zoe in 2016 from SHLR when she was five years old, and we bonded instantly. Although she was a solid 75 pounds I came to start calling her “Little Zoe”, [...]


We adopted Lola at 2-years-old in 2012. I was in fifth grade and convinced my entire class to sign a petition I made on a piece of scratch paper to tell my parents I wanted a dog. A few months later, we were matched by [...]


Marley (previously Pokie/Webbie) crossed The Rainbow Bridge 1/29/24. The almost 13 years I was fortunate to have him in my life were far to short after all you wonderful folks did to give a wonderful puppy his second chance after his inclusion with a group [...]


Achilles crossed The Bridge 1/29/24. He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma three months ago (just after we brought him home). The main issue was something completely unexpected. His walking issues were originally thought to be arthritis, but turned out to be Degenerative Myelopathy, the dog version [...]


Two weeks ago we said an unexpected goodbye to the “best girlie ever” as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Jada had a pretty normal day of a walk and ball chasing, so this was a surprise. She would have turned twelve in a few [...]


Tanner came to us in June 2013 when he was four years old. He had a rough few years prior to our adopting him. He learned to play ball and retrieve and actually became obsessed with it. His favorite activities were hiking and “helping out” [...]


We hit the jackpot adopting Dewey in April of 2012. He became an instant member of the family and brought such joy to us. Dewey was loving, playful (his favorite toy was the rubber bowling pin--he owned four of them), very affectionate and devoted, and [...]


Nelson was our foster failure who became part of our family in the truest sense of the word. Nelson and Hayden became best buddies. We always joked that they had ESP with each other. They would run the same direction, wag their tails simultaneously and [...]


Romeo entered our lives as a Senior. We adopted him in April 2017, he was nine. Such a distinguished gentleman, with his frosted features, he was a classic Black Lab mixed with a bit of something else. He captured my heart the day we met. [...]

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