Rainbow Bridge


I fostered labs with Safe Harbor for a while and then fostered Nacho when he was about two. When the people came to adopt him, he wouldn't go with them. My husband said, "it looks like you've been adopted." He was a devoted Retriever. I [...]


Dearest Ben We want to let you know how much you are loved and missed. You were so joyous, so strong, so brave, so "Lab". it was a privilege to have you in our lives for almost 12 years, thank you so much for being [...]


Our sweet Daphne (aka Daph-Daph, aka DD, aka DD Nubs) joined our family 9/30/2019. From day one she was the sweetest, snuggly, most loving girl! She was always up for love and was just content to be in her family's presence. She had an affinity [...]


We adopted Mick in February, 2014. He crossed the rainbow bridge in January, 2022.  Mick was a great companion, and exceeded more than being a house pet. He was the love of the neighborhood. When our Air Force kids were deployed for two years, we [...]


Sunny was a sweet girl. She loved to play fetch. She was part of our family when it was just my husband and I. She watched our family grow to include two kids. Those kids would climb on her and play with her and gave [...]


Sylvester was the best hike and run partner, snuggle buddy, and the most devoted, loyal friend anyone could ask for. He was intuitive, patient, and easy going. We rescued each other 12 years ago. He saw me through life’s ups and downs, through my single [...]


Callie, Callie Girl, Callie Monster... We miss you terribly. Callie made me a "mom" 10.5 years ago and I am so glad she was my first. From adoption day when she darted out of her foster home after a bunny until her very last day [...]


My dear Kirby left me on Monday, April 18, 2022. He crossed the waters peacefully with his family surrounding him. Kirby lived to be a very, very old dog. When the leading cause of death in dogs is cancer followed by cardiac and kidney disease, [...]


This little light came into my life in 2007. He had been hit by a car and dropped off at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and basically abandoned there. He was there for four months until Alameda East reached out to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to [...]


My sweet girl passed away peacefully today. She was guided gently on her journey by her Fort Collins family, Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners, and her first foster mom, Connie Fredman, who cared for her for the first four months of her rescued life until [...]

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