Chaco has only been in his new home for a short while, but he has already earned merit badges in camping, hiking, and biking, which he now proudly shows off to all his Pup Scout buddies. This gorgeous, 1.5-year-old chocolate chap has been on the go with his new parents, Cathy and Brent, and his two-legged sisters (and favorite playmates), Naiya and Kiara. In between travel adventures, Chaco enjoys playing with dog pals, taking the family out for neighborhood walks, and will sometimes even sit still for a lesson or two if time permits.

Cathy and Brent sent us an update on their boy:

“Chocolate, whose name we have shortened to “Chaco,” already has many nicknames: Taco, big galoot, sweet boy, wiggles, Mr. Moo, and “Trouble with a capital “C”!” He has been with our family for over a month now and we love him so much already! At 1.5 years old, Chaco is still a rambunctious boy with lots of puppy in him. He is extremely friendly and loving and loves attention of any sort. We are a family of 4 (my husband Brent and myself and 2 daughters Naiya and Kiara who are 10 and 12). My girls are thrilled to have a dog, and they have been so good about helping keep Chaco happy, fed and otherwise entertained. They had begged and begged for a dog. Brent and I used to have Labs (a black and yellow named Cameron and Murphy) add comma but it had been 9 years since Murphy passed away. I am so happy to have a dog again in my life! Having had a black and a yellow, I guess it was time for a Chocolate! Chaco is really good with other dogs – he just likes to play and is a lover not a fighter. We are working on teaching him some manners like not to jump on counters and chew things up or grab food out of unsuspecting hands. He really wants to be a good boy – sometimes being trouble is just too tempting! We have taken Chaco on multiple camping trips already, including a week-long road trip over Thanksgiving break where we stayed in our camper van, and I feel like we really bonded. Being out in more open space we have been able to let him run along with us while we mountain bike, which he absolutely loves! We finally managed to tire him out! Anyway, thanks to Safe Harbor for uniting us with our Chaco boy. We are so happy to have him in our family.”