My Name is: Charlie; 7 years old

Medical Profile: I was diagnosed with discoid lupus, a manageable immune mediated disease, that causes the tissue of my nose to be continually raw, inflamed and peeling. It has responded well to medication that I’ll need lifelong.

My Story: I was brought to a shelter as a stray and though everyone adored me and said what a great Lab I was, my chances for adoption were slim with the “unattractive” shape my nose was in and the prospect of vet care. Plus, although extremely handsome, easy going, and knowing how to “shake,” I was still a seven-year-old Lab competing with youngsters in the shelter for a new home. It was a happy day when the shelter asked Safe Harbor to take me, and the answer was a resounding: “We’d love to have Charlie!” A special medical foster helped get my nose condition in near remission and soon my new family scooped me up for a fabulous life in the mountains.