Lovely Charlie went from foster to forever with her parents, Vickie and Jack, but from the moment she arrived in their home, she was family. They officially adopted Charlie late last spring and recently filled us in on some of their adventures together. Charlie is clearly loved and living life to the fullest, all thanks to Vickie and Jack making sure that this very special girl has an equally special home.

Vickie tells their story: Charlie, an 8-year-old blind chocolate Lab who had been dropped off at a Colorado facility with serious and painful eye issues was rescued by SHLR last January. We had signed up to foster as our 2 labs had passed away a few years ago (one had been blind for several years) and our lives were lacking in that “Lab love.” Charlie was on pain meds and had some anxiety – of course – wouldn’t you if you couldn’t see your new surroundings and were in pain! This little Chocolate drop is sweet, loving and amazing!

We picked her up as a foster and our journey began!! Surgery to remove her eyes was done and we were able to bond with her during her recovery time. She is so smart – she mapped our house and yard in 2 days, and she found her sleeping spot right next to her new best friend, Jack! She would periodically demonstrate her needs with a howl in the middle of the night JThat still happens but not as much!

Amazingly she can jump, hop, skip and run all across the yard, go up and down stairs to trade out toys and to nap with Jack in his downstairs office. She goes everywhere with us, and her trip to the Toyota dealer was a hoot – she walked around the car lot with Jack putting her paws up and wanting to ride in every car – how is that possible, she can’t see!

She loves toys, treats, new people, walks, rides, Chewy next door, and her buddy, Logan, who is a SHLR rescue as well. We love that she loves everyone and everyone loves her! What a gift!