Young Chase is tall, dark, and handsome, and never a stranger for long. He is also the exceedingly proud owner of brand new forever parents, Moby and Julius, and a new Husky mix big sis, Sophie, and loves to show them all off wherever he goes. While Chase is a social fellow who likes to be on the go outdoors, he knows that nothing beats a good snuggle-up in the evenings with mom and dad. “There really is no place like home,” sighs sweet Chase as he settles in for a short winter’s nap.

Moby sent us an update on their new boy:  We love Chase!! You never completely know what a dog is going to be like when you bring him home. But when you get a dog from a rescue, as compared to a shelter, where the dog has been fostered in someone’s home, however short, you have a much better idea of the dog’s personality and you’re still saving a dog. This makes for a much better potential match! Chase matched up with us! A wonderful, almost perfect (if you don’t count wanting to chase animals) dog for us! He’s loving and mellow indoors, wanting to be with you all the time, curling up at your feet. Outdoors he’s interested in everything, and like a typical lab, he wants to chase animals and enthusiastically greet other dogs. No chewing, no accidents in the house. Chase is very quick to learn. It’s a thing of beauty and grace to watch him leap over a ditch. Coming home to him is a heartwarming pleasure. Chase has wiggled into our hearts forever!