That handsome ginger-haired pup bouncing around BJ and Vince’s house these days is Chewie, a gorgeous and gregarious 1.5-year-old fox red Lab boy.  Chewie’s new family also includes his fabulous human sister, Angela, as well as a frisky feline sister, who Chewie is trying very hard not to chase.  Good boy, Chewie.

BJ and Vince sent us an update on their new boy:  Our new dog Chewbarka, or as we call him ‘Chewie’ (formerly Manny), is integrating well into the family. He is so smart and so willing to learn. He is scheduled for basic training, and we are working on behaviors such as ‘don’t chase the cat,’ ‘don’t pull the garden hose when mom is watering the vegetables,’ and ‘don’t steal dad’s socks,’ ‘don’t go thru the screen door.’  At 1½ years old, he is still a puppy.

Just hearing ‘go for a walk,’ he perks up. We love our early morning and early evening walks along the Highline Canal. He gets such compliments for saying hi to the old folks and for just being a handsome pup. When it’s too hot, he’s in for a nap.  He has some separation anxiety when I leave the house, but I always find him laying on the couch when I come home and very happy to see me. After playing ball or going in the kiddie pool later in the evening, he’s soaking up all the love and watching tv. He always likes to sleep close by one of the family, especially at night. I think he likes his new routine.