A handsome little four-month-old Lab named Sid recently arrived at Dana and Mike’s house as a foster pup.  After taking a good look around, taste-testing the fine home cooking, and giving a paws up to the playdate schedule, young Sid quickly decided that he was home to stay.  Luckily, his foster parents agreed that this sweet fellow would be a great addition to their family and all have been enjoying their very successful foster fail ever since.

Dana and Mike tell us:

Sid, now known as Chico, is adjusting quite happily. For the first few days he was very timid and quiet and calm and followed me every minute with his eyes. That part of his adjustment is over as he is now just a happy, exhausting puppy who loves to chew and do puppy circles in the yard whenever he can. I spend my days trying to tire him out with walks and he spends his days trying to tire me out picking up things he shouldn’t chew and shouldn’t do. He has been fishing twice and has met many doggy friends and a few human ones. We could not be happier with our timely choice in these trying times. He will have a great deal of time with the family.  I am so grateful to Safe Harbor for giving us a chance to love this little fellow.

Many thanks to Dana and Mike for fostering Chico/Sid and inviting him to stay forever.