Eight-year-old Chief is as gorgeous a chunk of chocolate as you’ll ever see, and he has packed up all of his sweetness, enthusiasm, and good cheer, and brought it all along with him to his new forever home. Chief has settled right in and is living the good life with his new parents, Jeri and Phil, and his two(!) wonderful human kids. To top it off, Chief also has a handsome and wise Lab brother, Gus, to hang out and swap stories with whenever they’re in the mood for a little Lab gab.

Chief’s new family filled us in on his dog days of summer: Chief has been with us for just over three months now. What a love! From day one he decided that I would never be more than two feet away from him. I am not sure whose toes got stepped on more those first couple of weeks, his or mine! He is my constant companion and has such a funny little personality. He has made my days working from home so much better! He is the best office mate a gal could ask for!

The kids are also having a great time with Chief. They love to play fetch with him. I throw the ball, and the kids and Chief all run after it and race back to me. Chief always gets to the ball first, but I think he lets the kids beat him back on occasion just so they stay interested in the game! He gets to play ball every day, and we often go over to a school with a big field where he runs his tail off! Such a happy boy! He also got to go on a family trip to the mountains a few weeks ago and was an excellent hiker and swimmer! He stayed right by our side and was incredibly responsive anytime we called his name.

We are very happy to have Chief as part of our family. Even Gus, our twelve-year-old Safe Harbor Alum, gets an extra spring in his step while playing in the yard with Chief. He is a wonderful addition to our crew! Thank you, Safe Harbor for bringing us together!