When she found herself searching for a new home at the glorious age of 13 years young, Ms. Chloe crossed her paws for luck, woofed three times, and made a wish. Chloe’s wish was to find a special someone who would look at her and see not only her lovely silver-tipped muzzle but also the hopeful and happy puppy hiding behind her distinguished demeanor and realize how much love, fun, and companionship she still has left to share. Before long, one of our wonderful previous adopters saw Chloe and decided it was time to bring her third Safe Harbor Lab (and fifth black Lab) home. Mary and Chloe both realized they were a perfect fit and have been enjoying each other’s company ever since. Their future is truly golden because sometimes dreams do come true.

Mary tells us: Chloe has come to live with me in Santa Fe. We are just a couple of old girls spending time together. All my friends are jealous that I have such a beautiful well-behaved dog. I can’t say enough good things about Chloe. Since I am now 80, it was clear that I could not manage a puppy so when I saw Chloe on the website of Safe Harbor, I thought that she might be just right for me. And she is!

My husband and I adopted Zeb from Safe Harbor in 2013. He died in August last year and then my husband died in January of this year. So Chloe is so welcome in my home. She has been very well-cared for by her foster parent, and I will continue to provide the best for her.